Employees and visitors should feel safe but welcome within the workplace. Unfortunately, America’s businesses can be incredibly dangerous places. For business owners, decision-makers, and managers, it’s important to create a secure workplace while maintaining a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.  Visitor Management software, coupled with training and best practices can help you achieve a safe, friendly environment

The Underlying Situation: How Dangerous Is the Workplace?

The US has a major problem. The workplace is a very dangerous place to be. Even a seemingly low-risk environment like an office building can be filled with threats. Consider the following statistics from Zippia:

  • Each year, around 2.8 million nonfatal workplace accidents and injuries occur within US businesses.
  • Injuries and illnesses stemming from workplace accidents/incidents cost US businesses $250 billion every year.
  • In 2020 (the most recent year with death data available), over 4,700 US workers died on the job.

How do we reduce workplace accidents while maintaining a friendly atmosphere, though? We’ll explore some critical steps employers, and their workers must take to create a secure workplace.

Physical Inspections

One of the most critical steps to ensuring worker and visitor safety is to have regular physical inspections of the building and grounds. Here are some of the areas to keep an eye on:

  • Are walking paths on the grounds clean, clear, highly visible, and in good repair? Cracked, damaged concrete, missing handrails, and other physical damage can create safety hazards.
  • Are all stairs free of hazards? Are handrails present and in good repair?
  • Are hallways, stairwells, and outdoor paths well-lit in the evening, night, and early morning?
  • Are anti-slip mats installed at entrances and exits? Are those mats in good repair?
  • Are interior lights checked and replaced regularly to ensure proper lighting for safety and productivity?

Emergency Exits

All buildings must have emergency exits for employees and visitors to use if necessary. Your emergency exits should be visibly noted with signage, but they should also be highlighted on escape maps posted throughout the business. These maps should clearly indicate where the employee/visitor is located, where the nearest exit is, and the defined escape route in case of an emergency, such as a fire.

Train and Reward Employees

Employers and managers cannot assume that employees automatically understand safety protocols, steps, and procedures. It’s important to invest in employee safety training. This includes at least two specific topic areas – safety while working and safety in the face of an emergency.

Track which employees regularly go above and beyond when it comes to workplace safety and reward them. Not only does that reinforce their good behavior, but it sends a message to everyone within the workplace that adherence to safety standards is important.

Use Labels and Signage

Good safety begins with understanding risks. From trip hazards to dangerous environments, employees encounter various risks daily. The same thing applies to visitors to the workplace. Employers should use labels and signage to inform employees and visitors about specific risks, including the following:

  • Dangerous environments (radiation, biohazards, high voltage, etc.)
  • Dangerous equipment (pinch points, automatic machinery, etc.)
  • Chemical use
  • Loading/unloading zones
  • And more

Use a Visitor Management System

While employees might be aware of the risks they face within a specific business environment, visitors may not be. A visitor management system tells you who’s visiting, when, and why. It streamlines the hosting process and helps ensure that visitors feel welcome.

The right visitor management system will offer critical features and capabilities. For instance, instant notifications can alert employees when their visitors arrive, while photo capture capabilities ensure that hosts can greet visitors accurately and that only authorized visitors are allowed into specific spaces. Visitor screening tools can include watch list screening and other safeguards, while analytics and reporting capabilities allow business owners and managers to track visitor volume, traffic patterns, and more to make important decisions.

In Conclusion

Creating a secure workplace while maintaining a friendly atmosphere requires intentional steps and a well-defined strategy. From maintaining the grounds and the building’s physical structure to training employees and using appropriate labels and signage throughout and utilizing an advanced visitor management system, business owners and decision-makers have a wealth of options available. Use the information in this post to help create a safer, more welcoming environment within your business.

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