EntryLogic Experts Webcast

Emerging Technology that’s driving secure workspaces while improving visitor experience

The future of workspace security and employee experience is in flux. New technologies and processes are being implementing by progressive companies that want to meet the demands for a secure and safe work environment. And as employees re-enter offices they bring with them expectations for having a safe workplace.

Learn how to meet the demands of employees and risk and security managers. In this webinar we will showcase the key technologies being leverages that have a direct impact on:

– Employee safety
– Employee experience
– Building security
– Emergency Management
– Visitor experience

This webinar will include an in-depth discussion of how these technologies are being used along with a brief introductory demonstration.

Join EntryLogic for a live webinar that will detail how a well-deployed VMS (Visitor Management Software) can improve security, compliance and operational efficiency in your office(s). With the movement to in-office working again, employees are concerned about safety and companies are trying to improve efficiency. VMS Can help with both. Learn how in this combination presentation/product demonstration.

About Us: EntryLogic (an AMBIR Company) is a cloud-based Visitor Management solution enabling organizations to efficiently manage and track both employees and visitors across multiple locations from a single dashboard. The solution is designed to deliver unmatched safety and efficiency by leveraging technology to streamline lobby operations. EntryLogic’s advanced visitor reporting can aid in meeting compliance requirements in several regulated industries.