Never forget the power of a first impression. That applies directly to the visitor experience your business offers. Whether we’re talking about suppliers, vendors, contractors, potential business partners, it’s crucial to get the visit off on the right foot.


Of course, it can be challenging to balance the visitor experience with the everyday requirements of ensuring safety and running your business. The good news is that visitor management software can help ensure your business delivers an outstanding experience every time. Here are 6 ways the right visitor management software can do that.

1. Easy and Steamlines Check-in Process

Want to improve the efficiency of our lobby operations? With a visitor management systesm, visitors can quickly check-in using self-service kiosks, pre-registration, or moble check-in. These capabilities can significantly speed up the visitor check-in process, reduce wait times and improve overall efficentcy.  Your visitors can register in seconds, all without having to deal with a receptionist or stand in line at the front desk. Not only does that improve their experience, but it frees your staff to use their time for more important tasks. Tablet-based systems can also be easily customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations, making them a highly flexible and adaptable solution.

2. Pre-registration to Improve Security and Reduce Wait Times

Eliminate waiting and crowded lobbies by pre-registering visitors and sending invitations from a visitor management system.  In addition to improving security, sending invitations projects a professional image, include all of the specific details they need, including location, date, time, and host. Rather than requiring visitors to give their name and other data again when they arrive at the office, with a system like EntryLogic visitors simply scan the QR code included with their invitation when they arrive, greatly streamlining the check-in process.

3. Personalize the Visitor Experience

Personalization is all around us – it’s in the Google search results you get with your query, the promotional emails you receive from brands you support, and so much more. Personalization has become the rule, and it should be the same for your visitor experience. With visitor management software, that’s simpler than ever.

The right software supports personalization in several ways. With EntryLogic, you have complete control to define your visitor experience.  From adding a custom welcome message to defining the information you need from each guest, you can make their experience better – and meet your specific needs. Additionally, the information you collect for each visitor can be used to identify returning visitors to streamline future visits.

4. Enhanced Security and Safety

A visitor management system can provide an extra layer of security by verifying the identity of visitor, screening for potential risks, and issuing badges for visual identification. Visitor management systems can also screen visitors and control access to reduce potential health risks to your employees and anyone else entering your facility.

Visitors will feel safer and more secure in a well-managed environment.

5. Manage Workplace Capacity

When a workplace’s capacity is limited, whether due to safety considerations, industry rules, or government regulations, visitors can waste time waiting. It becomes a frustrating, time-consuming process that reflects directly on the company.

However, visitor management software allows you to accurately see workplace capacity on the fly,  balancing inflow and outflow, improve safety, and creating a better overall visitor experience.

In Conclusion

Visitor management software is the key to wowing your visitors and delivering a positive experience they’ll be happy to repeat. From vendors and suppliers to contractors and everyone in between, the right software can make a major difference.