Though the world has yet to return to total normalcy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, things are slowly moving in that direction. Part of this means that workers are returning to the workplace regularly.

As an employer, the goal is to create a safe workplace for them to return to. There are a few things in particular that can help employees feel at greater ease when they do finally have to return to the office.

Contactless Sign-In

There are many smaller things that went ignored pre-COVID. One of them is simply the number of times that surfaces are touched throughout the day. If your building has sign-in protocols, needing people to touch to sign in can be a vehicle for infection and illness.

Having a contactless sign-in means that employees can take one extra measure toward staying safe. Sanitation is crucial in this day and age, so minimizing contact wherever possible can go a long way toward ensuring safety and good health.

Visitor Screening

To ensure a safe and effective workplace, it’s important to know not only who is coming in, but whether they are sick as well. Visitor screening provides a simple, safe way to keep visitors from entering the building when they are showing signs and symptoms of illness.

A system like EntryLogic allows you to consistently present your health protocols during the sign-in process as part of your visitor procedures. Before completing their registration, visitors will be required to review and acknowledge your requirements. This gives you the ability to ask them not to enter if they exhibit certain symptoms within a defined timeframe.

Know Who Is Present at All Times

Finally, it is crucial to know who is on site at all times. There is any number of reasons this is important, especially when it comes to staying healthy in the face of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Having no way of keeping track of those on-site leads to any number of question marks.

Knowing who is present allows business owners to prioritize staffing. Whereas there was no relevant concern about having too many staff members on-site at one time, that has changed. Businesses that keep track of who is on-site and when can better manage the reduction of exposure. All of this leads to a lower risk of spreading disease and illness. It also means fewer complications with staff being out due to illness, particularly of the COVID-19 variety.

Implement a Contact Tracing Strategy
COVID-19 has demonstrated the resilience and contagiousness of a pandemic. In the event of a confirmed case at work, you need a way to alert others who may have been exposed. You should implement a contact tracing practice to protect your workers, so that you can encourage them to be tested and avoid further transmissions.

Final Thoughts

There are a few basic tips employers can follow to make the workplace safer for those returning to work. There is a greater prevalence than ever of ensuring safe, healthy protocols that allow everyone to feel comfortable.

Keeping contact to a minimum, knowing who is coming in and out of the building, and screening visitors are all necessary for keeping employees safe when they return, which means that they can focus on the important things rather than whether or not their health is at risk.

About EntryLogic

EntryLogic provides a SaaS Visitor Management Systems that includes both software and hardware that facilitates a complete solution which can support one or many locations.  At EntryLogic, our mission is simple…. Improve your visitor experience and efficiently welcome your guests; Create a safe and secure work environment; Provide backend processes that deliver efficiency well beyond your lobby; and Enable visibility and control across your entire operation.

At EntryLogic, we are also committed to being flexible and relentlessly simple to use. The system offers unmatched flexibility, enabling you to seamlessly handle everything that comes in your front door in minutes.

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