Today, modern workforce security platforms directly provide or can integrate across, multiple functions to offer a solution of greater value. By automating certain areas of your operation, you can free up resources to be used or invested in other areas of your business. In a recent study conducted by Security Sales & Integration, 94% of companies see an increase in operational efficiency after implementing a Visitor Management system.

Here are just a few ways a visitor management platform can improve your bottom line:

Enterprise Automation

In addition to improving the security of your facility, replacing paper log books with a digital visitor management system can streamline the sign-in process and reduce manual tasks, including manual entry of visitor details, contacting hosts, and searching through paper-based records if needed for audits. In addition to a streamlined visitor experience, you can reduce reoccurring supply costs (log books, pens) and potentially eliminate the need for a receptionist, by automating the lobby with a kiosk-based visitor management system. According to, the average salary for a receptionist in the U.S. is $36,664, which if replaced, can be passed to the bottom line or reallocate these costs to other areas of your business.

Access to Centralized Visitor Data

Visitor management systems make maintaining detailed visitor logs and recording visitors’ acceptance of important visitor policies streamlined and instantly available for compliance reporting. Using a digital sign-in system significantly reduced human error and puts detailed visitor flow information at your fingertips.  The information is securely stored and password protected for those authorized to see it. The cost of storing and searching through paper-based log books is virtually eliminated. Consolidating this information also enables you to see peak times in your facility.  You now have real data to adjust staffing accordingly, improving both the safety and efficiency of your workplace.

Cost of Non-compliance

In addition to mitigating the risks associated with health and safety, reducing human error, and litigating legal matters, this data can be vital to the effective management of regulatory compliance risk. Businesses can suffer irreparable harm if they do not comply with regulations. The consequences of an infraction could include fines, court action, seizures, and damage to the reputation of the brand. In addition to specific fines, you could experience a disruption in your business in addition to the costs associated with the regulatory and legal resources required to resolve these matters.

Employee Retention

According to a recent study by Alert Media, 89% of U.S. workers say workplace safety is more important than ever.  97% of the respondents said feeling safe is a major factor in choosing where to work. Managing workplaces has always been a big undertaking, but now with so many additional health and safety considerations, employers need to reevaluate their facilities to make sure that everyone in their workplace is safe and accounted for. Not only are employers responsible to maintain safety and open lines of communication, but employees are also demanding it. In the same study, 58% of employees said they would reconsider working for a company or seek employment elsewhere if their company failed to communicate effectively about an emergency or other potentially dangerous event. As the new normal settles in, employees’ value on their safety and well-being ranks high as a consideration to staying.  In the Alert Media survey, 47% of employees reported being motivated to stay with their employer long-term if their employers genuinely cared about their safety, ranking higher than Compensation benefits (46%), Professional Development (43%), and Happiness (38%).

The Bottom-line

There are many office perks that can help your employees reduce stress, save money, and address some of the employee concerns as they return to work. In addition to those listed above, keeping your employees happy upon return to work is crucial to retaining your team.

Implementing a VMS solution like EntryLogic can take your organization to the next level, by keeping up with health and safety protocols, recording visitor information and experiences, and creating a streamlined and efficient front desk experience.

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