Manage Multiple Tenants

Complete lobby control with real-time dashboards, streamlined visitor management, and consolidated reporting for facilities hosting multiple tenants.

  • Complete visitor management control for shared office environments.
  • Consolidated visitor log provides lobby operations teams full control and visibility for all tenant activity.
  • Separate tenant instances to create and manage their own check-in and visitor management processes.
  • Tenant specific notifications provide real-time alerts to hosts about their visitor’s arrivals as well as property-level management notifications for unwanted visitors.
  • Each tenant manages their own organizational details, including employee lists, watchlists, and visitor agreement requirements.
  • Tenant employees have their own secure ID badges which can be used to sign in on the lobby kiosks.
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Plaza directory with business names and logos outside a corporate office
Computer above office locations showing EntryLogic visitor management interface

The front desk experience is the perfect opportunity to create a strong first impression of your facility.

EntryLogic’s Building Manager plan provides complete lobby management for buildings hosting multiple organizations. Visitors have the ability to select intended organizations through a unified interface. Each organization has the ability to provide their own unique sign in process meeting their individual requirements.

All visitor data is securely captured and can be instantly accessed.

Lobby management teams now have full control and visibility for all visitor activity at the facility level. Each tenant has access to their own detailed visitor reporting.

Computer displaying EntryLogic visitor management interface with visitor log

Building Manager: Multiple Tenants, Centralized Management, Complete Flexibility.

EntryLogic’s Building Manager plan is designed with multiple tenant building managers in mind. Whether you are managing two tenants or twenty, the platform is designed to give you complete control and your tenants complete flexibility.

  • Manage multiple tenants with a single kiosk
  • Personalized visitor experiences for each tenant
  • Individual visitor agreements for each tenant
  • Employee management for each tenant
  • Detailed facility-level and tenant reporting
  • Consolidated device visibility and management
  • Supports multiple kiosks and entrances

  • Fast set-up and complete flexibility

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