Health Screening

Add an additional layer of screening to safeguard your workplace against the spread of unwanted germs. Protect your workplace by screening all visitors with health-related questions to assist in determining if they are safe to enter your facility.

  • Health Screening enabled for Self sign-in (kiosk), Contactless sign-in (visitors own device), and Web application (assisted sign-in).
  • Allow individuals to self-identify their status of vaccination.
  • Enforce compliance based on local regulations and/or company policies.

Completely customizable to ensure health and safety compliance.

Custom question editor enables you to define your visitor screening questions to meet specific local requirements or address your organization’s specific needs.

Visitor access can be approved or denied access based on the information provided during check in. Depending out responses, visitors can be denied access from self sign-in or be redirected for further assistance.

Your staff has complete control.

Users can designate questions that may require action or administrative review. Admins have the ability to review responses determine access. This can be useful in environments that have conditional requirements to gain access.

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