Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Accurate secure data capture is essential to ensure a safe and compliant environment.

Real-time Visitor Logs and Detailed Reporting

EntryLogic captures and stores all visitor information within the system for easy retrieval. Visitor details such as name, company represented, date and time of visit, host, and purpose of the visit are securely stored. Detailed reports are instantly available to authorized individuals. Information for multiple locations, entry points, or tenants, is consolidated into a single dashboard.

Visitor Analytics to understand traffic in and out of your facility

Users can sort and filter by location and view data by time segment (hour, day, week, or month). This level of detail is useful to identify busy times for your facility, enabling you to make staffing adjustments to ensure the highest level of security and efficiency for processing visitors.

Ensure compliance to policies and other requirements

Present and record visitor acceptance to visitor policies and protocols during visitor registration.

Present specific terms and conditions for entry during the visitor sign in flow. This enables companies to securely and consistently manage NDA’s, releases, code of conduct, acknowledge health requirements, and other visitor terms to assist with regulatory compliance.


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