Employee Management

Employee Management made Simple and Secure

Easy Sign-in and Out

Employees can simply scan their secure digital ID on the kiosks when they arrive or depart or can sign in through the web app. From the web app, employees can also send invitations and have a complete list of their expected visitors.

Employee Availability at a Glance

Knowing who is present in your building at all times is fundamental to workplace safety and security. As employees sign-in or out, their current status is then recorded and accurately displayed on the Employee Log. Employee availability across multiple locations is consolidated into one convenient location. This provides instant visibility to who is present or expected.

Secure Digital Employee ID Badges

Secure IDs are stored on employees’ smartphone wallets, providing additional security over conventional key cards or FOBs, as IDs are protected by password or biometric access. IDs can be instantly updated from the web app, reducing risks and costs associated with lost access keys or cards.

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