Long Term Care & Nursing

Visitor Management systems are key to ensuring safer visits at long-term care facilities.

Residents in nursing homes and long-term care facilities are the most vulnerable to health risks like COVID-19, due to the inherent risks of congregate living. Automating your visitor screening process and implementing safety protocols like touchless sign in is a key step to ensuring a secure and safe environment.

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Secure Visitor & Employee Sign in

Understanding who, when, and why visitors are in your facility is critical. EntryLogic accurately records and time stamps each visit. From vendors meeting with your staff or family visiting loved-ones, EntryLogic will securely track everyone coming in and out of your facility. EntryLogic’s visitor and employee logs provides facility managers a real-time view of everyone present.

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Instant Notifications

Employees will receive instant notifications when their visitors sign in. Real-time notifications increase efficiency and ensure a secure environment.

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Contactless Sign in

Reduce the transmission of germs and protect your residents, employees, and visitors with contactless check-in experience. Visitors can scan a QR code from the EntryLogic kiosks with their smartphone and safely sign in and out of your facility without touching the kiosk.

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Detailed Reporting

EntryLogic records visitor details and time-stamps each visitor. System admins have instant access to complete details of who in your facility and when. EntryLogic’s detailed reporting enables users to easily conduct contact tracing or proactively follow-up with visitors and residents post visit, as required by several states or in the event of a known exposure.

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Emergency Management

In the case of an emergency or evacuation, it is important that you have an accurate headcount of all those present and have the ability to quickly disseminate important information.

Administrators have the ability to access a detailed list of those present which can be used for roll call or to provide to first-responders if needed.

Complete visibility to everyone coming in and out of your facility.

Having instant access to all visitor and employee activity is challenging without a visitor management system. Trying to consolidate this information is nearly impossible without technology. EntryLogic’s advanced reporting securely maintains a historical log of all activity in your facility, providing extended care facilities a complete view of all activity in their facility. This level of control can be especially useful in the case of contact-tracing enabling users to quickly identify and alert those needed.

Computer displaying EntryLogic visitor management interface with visitor log

Add an additional layer of screening to safeguard your workplace against the spread of unwanted germs. Protect your workplace by screening all visitors with health-related questions to assist in determining if they are safe to enter your facility.

  • Health Screening enabled for Self sign-in (kiosk), Contactless sign-in (visitors own device), and Web application (assisted sign-in).
  • Allow individuals to self-identify their status of vaccination.
  • Enforce compliance based on local regulations and/or company policies.

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