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Visitor & Employee Management for Transportations & Logistics

Improve security and efficiency in your supply-chain facilities.

EntryLogic is a flexible, easy-to-use visitor management system to help track the flow of people entering and exiting your facilities. EntryLogic offers a level of security and efficiency well beyond the paper-based visitor log and assists in meeting the C-TPAT physical security requirements.

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iPad with EntryLogic visitor sign in interface and phone displaying QR code

Employees, temporary staff, drivers, and visitors can check-in themselves in on the EntryLogic tablets.

ID Badge Printing

EntryLogic electronic sign in kiosk with id badge printing

Print custom ID badges to easily identify all visitors in your facility.

Visitor Screening

Computer displaying EntryLogic visitor management interface with visitor log and banned visitor list

Screen everyone entering your facility and automatically notify the host or other designated individuals as visitors arrive. Visitors can be screened against a watchlist to deny entry to unwanted individuals.

iPhone displaying EntryLogic emergency notification

Emergency Management

EntryLogic’s push notification feature enables you to quickly alert individuals of the issue and provide clear and consistent instructions on how to proceed. This enables a safe and orderly response.

Detailed Reporting

All of your visitor data is securely stored in the cloud and easily accessible to authorized individuals. No more time wasted on searching log books. Detailed history is instantly available for audits and contact tracing when needed.

Computer displaying EntryLogic visitor management interface with visitor log
Computer above office locations showing EntryLogic visitor management interface

Multiple Locations/Access Points

Have multiple entrances or facilities? EntryLogic has you covered. Complete visibility and control across multiple locations and access points are consolidated into a single dashboard.

Flexible & User-friendly

EntryLogic can be configured several ways to meet your needs. Its user-friendly and easy to implement.

EntryLogic electronic sign in kiosk with id badge printing

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