Streamlined Visitor Management

The front desk experience is the perfect opportunity to create a strong first impression of your company.

Customize your self-check-in tablets to give all visitors an optimized process that is intuitive and quick to complete. Personalize the check-in process to be consistent with your brand including adding your company logo and personalizing a welcome message. Keep your front desk staff informed with a daily log of invited guests.

EntryLogic electronic sign in kiosk with id badge printing
Computer displaying EntryLogic visitor management interface with visitor log

Empower your reception staff with information. With EntryLogic’s Visitor Log, each guest will be categorized by their current status: signed in, signed out, or expected. Pre-registered visitors will receive an email confirming their visit and a QR code to streamline their check-in process once they arrive. With a streamlined visitor management system, you’ll have complete lobby control with real-time dashboards and data.

Operations with multiple locations will have clear visibility and control from a single dashboard. Companies can now offer a consistent visitor experience across their entire entity while maintaining location-level control.

Computer above office locations showing EntryLogic visitor management interface

Discover a Streamlined Front Desk Experience

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