Visitor Management Solutions

Discover a Streamlined Front Desk Experience.

Touchless Sign-In/Out

As technology evolves to simplify day-to-day activities, the desire for a contactless building entry process has steadily increased. 

For larger buildings with a variety of occupants, a streamlined front desk experience is expected. Give your visitors and front desk staff the convenience of a touchless self-check-in and check-out system.


Instant Notifications

Instant notifications are a quick and convenient way to communicate internally.

With host and visitor contact information stored safely in your system, it is easy for your administrative staff to stay in contact with all present employees and visitors by relaying important messages in real-time.


Detailed Data Reporting and Compliance

Data capture is an essential element of tracking and contacting building occupants.

Most major regulations, like PCI compliance, require that you collect detailed information from everyone that enters your building as a safety precaution. Collecting visitor names, phone numbers and email addresses can be helpful for contact tracing as well as ensuring that unwanted visitors are not allowed entry.


Visitor Agreements

Security is of the utmost importance in visitor management.

With our software, you have the ability to quickly verify the identity of all incoming visitors while collecting the proper agreements to terms and conditions upon entry. Typically, during the check-in process, guests are prompted to read and scroll through a terms of agreement statement.


Emergency Management

Proper emergency management is crucial to ensure you are making informed decisions based on protocol and a set plan.

In case of an emergency evacuation, it is important that your staff and occupants have a clear plan to exit the building in a safe and orderly manner. To ensure an accurate headcount, you’ll need the ability to quickly check building occupants in-real time.


Employee Management

Enable smooth control of daily operations with a comprehensive employee management system.

Employees are able to utilize the contactless self-check-in kiosks to clock in and out of each shift. Keep track of employee availability in one convenient location by checking to see which staff members are scheduled and who is in the building through the employee portal.


Streamlined Visitor Management

More efficient and environmentally friendly than maintaining paper logs, EntryLogic brings your front desk into the digital age.

Eliminate tedious paper management and errors due to manual data entry. To streamline the check-in process, new and returning visitors can scan their business cards, driver’s licenses or QR codes to enter the building.


Improved Office Security

Keep your employees and tenants safe by limiting building access to authorized individuals.

Improve security by screening all visitors against company provided lists of unauthorized guests. With automatic push notifications in place, the system will notify your front desk staff if the visitor attempting to check-in is a threat.