All Features

Visitor Experience

  • Self Check-in/out
    Improve efficiency and make a good first impression
  • Photo Capture
    Capture visitor photos during sign-in for ID badges
  • Touchless Check-in
    Eliminate contact with shared surfaces
  • Visitor Invitations/Pre-registration
    Improve security and expedite visitor check-in
  • Returning Visitors
    Fast sign-in for returning visitors
  • QR Code Sign-in/Sign-out
    Save time by scanning QR code on tablets
  • ID Scanning
    Validate identify with secure ID scanning
  • Visitor Agreements
    Capture visitor acceptance and improve compliance
  • Multiple Sign-in Languages
    Let visitor select their preferred language
  • User-defined Workflows
    Customize the information needed to meet your needs

Safety & Security

  • Photo ID Badge Printing
    Improve security in instant identity
  • Two-factor Visitor Verification
    Improve security with 2-step email verification
  • Real-time Visitor Log
    Instant visibility to everyone present or expected
  • Watchlists
    Deny access to unwanted individuals
  • Badge Reprinting
    Instantly re-print badges from web application
  • ID Scanning (Driver Licenses)
    Confirm identity with ID scanning
  • Emergency Communications
    Ensure orderly response to building emergencies
  • Evacuation / Roll-call List
    Account for everyone impacted by workplace emergency
  • Host Check-in/out Notifications
    Email and SMS host notifications for visitor arrival

Flexibility & Efficiency

  • Multiple Location Management
    Manage multiple locations in a single dashboard
  • Manage Multiple Entrances
    Support multiple access points
  • Secure Employee Digital ID for Sign-in/out
    Secure ID’s store in employees smartphone wallet
  • Real-time Employee Logs
    Instant visibility to all present or expected
  • Unlimited Visitors
    Support unlimited visitor check-ins
  • Assign Roles/Permission Levels
    Assign user and permission levels
  • Assign Assistants
    Designate others to receive notifications
  • Multiple Tenant Management
    Complete lobby control for multi-tenant buildings
  • Assisted and Self Sign-in
    Welcome visitors though kiosks or reception app
  • Supports Multiple Badge Printers
    Badge printing from kiosks and web app
  • Centralized Device Control
    Complete visibility to connected devices in one dashboard
  • Auto Check-out
    Automatically sign out at designated times

Reporting & Compliance

  • Detailed Visitor History
    Capture and track all visitor activity
  • Password Protected / Cloud-based Access
    Secure access to visitor history
  • Searchable Visitor Reports
    Filter, sort, and search visitor history
  • Compliance Audit Documentation
    Produce reports to demonstrate compliance
  • Location and Tenant Level Reporting
    Consolidated and local reporting
  • Visitor Agreements/Acceptance
    Ensure compliance and record visitor acceptance
  • Consolidating Reporting
    Multi-location and tenant level reporting in single dashboard
  • Visitor Analytics
    Understand busy traffic times to ensure safety and efficiency