Improved Office Security

At EntryLogic we’re here to help you seamlessly handle everything that comes into your front door while increasing workplace security and providing your guests with a streamlined visitor experience.

Photo ID Badge Printing

Improve security and increase visibility with self-adhesive Photo ID badges. EntryLogic supports badge printing from both kiosks, as well as the reception dashboard. Visitor photos are displayed prominently on the badge providing quick identification. QR codes printed on the badge can be used during check-out, and expire to restrict further access.

Watchlist Screening

Visitors are screened against a company-provided Watchlist. Automatic push notifications instantly alert your reception staff if a visitor from this list attempts to sign in. This is a preventative measure to reduce the risk of permitting unwanted visitors access to your facility.

ID Card Scanning

EntryLogic’s available ID card scanner can capture accurate visitor data from Driver’s Licenses. By enabling ID scanning, organizations can require visitors to present government-issued IDs, providing a higher level of security.

2-Step Visitor Verification

To take security a step further, EntryLogic 2-step visitor verification requires visitors to validate their email address during the check-in process. This extra step to ensures a higher level of security during self sign-in. Visitors that cannot be verified are unable to complete a self check-in and directed to seek assistance.

Real-time visibility to everyone present

Empower your reception staff with information. EntryLogic’s visitor and employee logs keeps your front desk staff informed of everyone present or expected in your facility. With EntryLogic, improve facility security and have complete lobby control with real-time dashboards.

Discover a Streamlined Front Desk Experience

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