In order for any business to be successful, it relies on the synergistic efficiency of several departments working together. Given the nature of these environments, the transportation and logistics industry is perhaps one of the most reliant on this collaborative relationship to ensure efficiency, compliance, and safety.  Visitor Management Systems deployed properly can help ensure these benefits.

The operational efficiency in this field is dependent on many variables including: customer service, planning, risk management, safety, and compliance with government regulations. Logistics managers are increasingly reliant on innovative technologies such as visitor management systems to address many of the key challenges. As a result, many companies are turning to visitor management systems.

Here are several ways a visitor management system can benefit the transportation and logistics industry:

1  Centralized and secure visitor entry process

Centralizing your data end ensuring a consistent visitor process across multiple entry points is essential to ensure the safety and compliance of everyone entering into your facility. Using technology like a visitor management system enables facilities to maintain consistency

2  Ability to print visitor photo ID badges

Having visitor badge policies in place after check-in is important. In this way, you can easily identify whether guests are authorized or unauthorized. In addition to the name, photo, type, and date of the visitor, your visitor badge also provides information about the check-in time and date for your visitor.

3  Scheduling and pre-registration of deliveries

Pre-scheduling deliveries is always a good idea for security reasons so that uninvited guests cannot enter your facility. By scheduling, you’ll also prevent loading dock space congestion for your drivers.

Pre-registering these guests and improving their flow with the EntryLogic visitor management system is possible. The system will automatically notify the person who is supposed to receive the delivery as soon as they arrive. The front desk officer will not have to contact them.

4  Employee Management

Transportation and distribution facilities are usually a dynamic environment with employees, contractors, seasonal or temporary help, entering and exiting in some cases, 24/7. Knowing who is present or expected all times is fundamental to achieving a secure work environment.  Having a system to securely manage and record access is critical. With a Visitor Management System like EntryLogic, the employee base can simply scan their secure digital ID badges from their smartphone as they arrive and depart.  Their status is recorded and accurately displayed on the employee log. Security and facility management can quickly see if someone is present and have an accurate facility headcount which is key in achieving workplace safety.

5  Accounting for everyone present during an emergency

One of the biggest challenges that companies face during these emergency scenarios is ensuring that all of their guests are accounted for. But with EntryLogic’s visitor management systems, all present employees and visitors at the time of the emergency event will be recorded ensuring everyone in your facility is accounted for. Administrators can access a detailed list of those present which can be used for roll-call or to provide to first-responders if needed.

6  Consistent process to communicate compliance to visitor policies

Transportation and logistics companies place a high priority on safety and are often subject to regulatory compliances. It is common for guests to be required to follow more specific rules and regulations while on the premises of the facility. For example, visitors may be required to wear specific protective gear, not to access certain areas, or be notified not to take photos inside the facility.

Whatever these requirements may be, your digital visitor agreement should clearly describe these guidelines and protocols. In addition to safeguarding the rights and privacy of the company, these rules are in place to ensure your safety while on their premises.

To ensure compliance, you can include a digital document in your visitor registration flow and require guests to review and acknowledge a document containing these guidelines. By incorporating this into your visitor check-in process, you can ensure consistent delivery of your requirements and visitors clearly understand what is required of them while in your building.

7  Record and store all visitor information in the cloud

All of your visitor data is securely stored in the cloud and easily accessible to authorized individuals. No more time wasted on searching log books. Detailed history is instantly available for audits and contact tracing when needed.

8  Compliance with state, local and government regulations

Government regulations set strict requirements for the transportation and logistics industry. Here are several examples and how implementing a visitor management platform can greatly assist in meeting these requirements:

Security Regulations

Security measures such as physical access controls and procedural measures to understand who has access to certain areas must be implemented. Those entering and leaving the facility must go through a security screening process. The details of this information including the visitors name, reason for visit, as well as date and time must be documented and readily available for audit.

Trade Regulations

In addition to making sure that each visitor to your facility is properly identified and accounted for, you should also put in place a confidentiality agreement, such as a digital visitor agreement. To acknowledge their responsibilities should they violate any of your facility’s protocols, visitors should acknowledge receipt of this information document upon entry.

Safety and Emergency Planning

Facility safety and emergency preparedness should be top of mind for any organization. Transportation and logistics companies are no exception as they must comply with specific laws and regulations to help ensure everyone’s safety. Having a defined emergency management plan is critical to ensure everyone’s safety and consistent and orderly response during a crisis situation.

Visitor Privacy

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations, every company, including the logistics industry, must adhere to the guidelines when handling visitor information. A violation of this rule can lead to several fines and lawsuits.

Besides tracking and monitoring your own organization’s guest management challenges, transportation and logistics companies are also required to comply with these government regulations. This makes a visitor management system an essential tool to meet compliance.

Whatever the size or structure of your organization, EntryLogic offers unparalleled flexibility and control. EntryLogic can help you satisfy compliance requirements and deliver the efficiency and security your facility needs.

Our team at EntryLogic is available to assist you every step of the way. Get additional information on our website or schedule a call to determine which plan best fits your visitor management needs.